CSA501 The Treaty Of Waitangi

Application of the treaty in information technology context

Chris, Gus, Daniel, Francie, Yi-hui

  • Active Protection


Working as an IT professional in New Zealand with a Treaty of Waitangi policy would add some complexity to your work depending on what sort of work you were doing. If you were working designing web sites you would need to be aware of images and icons you use as they could be offensive if used incorrectly. It would be a good idea to have a consultant on Maori customs and culture available to help with these issues. You would also need to be aware of the way you pronounce or spell Maori words as a small error in spelling or pronunciation may have a completely different meaning. You would also need to be aware of the way you dress as during a powhiri officials need to dress formally and women have to wear a dress. Another IT aspect that could be effected by the treaty policy would be the ability to use certain frequencies for wireless communications.


I personally found this topic somewhat interesting as I had not studied anything about the treaty of Waitangi since college and could not remember much about it. I found the website Todd showed us to be quite interesting and informative. I can’t see the treaty having a really noticeable  effect on my work life as I’m wanting to work more with the physical layer.

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